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Professor Zutao Zhang's team opens the first entrepreneurship class on the MOOC platform of Chinese universities


Do you want to innovate? Do you want to start a business? Are you still troubled by not knowing where to start an innovative business? Do you want to know how to incubate your science and technology competition projects? All your questions about college students' technological innovation and entrepreneurship will be answered by the "College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice" on the MOOC.

In order to better provide practical guidance on innovation and entrepreneurship to college students, Professor Zhang Zutao launched the online course Science, Technology and Innovation for College Students in the MOOC platform of Chinese universities. After that, he also successfully applied for the online-course program Innovation and Entrepreneurship practice for College Students funded by the Information Counseling and Career Guidance Center of the Ministry of Education of China. After nearly a year of preparation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice for College Students has been officially launched at the MOOC platform of Chinese universities.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice for College Students is an online course with case studies for college students to learn the knowledge for innovation and entrepreneurship and carry out the practices, which includes science and technology competition, team formation, innovative design, program realization, project optimization, work display, results protection, market research, entrepreneurial team, business model, company creation, business plan, the comprehensive elaboration of the innovation and entrepreneurship process in sixteen aspects of venture financing, enterprise management, marketing and entrepreneurial risk.

MOOC Address of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice for College Students

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