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[Glory 2018] School of Mechanical Engineering: Students' scientific and technological innovation have gotten fruitful results in various competitions 


The final of the 8th National College Student Mechanical Innovation Design Competition with the theme of “Focus on People's Lives and Beautiful Homeland” was held at Zhejiang University of Technology from July 22 to 25, 2018. The team of Southwest Jiaotong University, with students from the School of Mechanical Engineering as its core members, won 4 first-class prizes and 1 second-class prize, ranking fourth across the nation.


From August 7th to 9th, the 11th National College Student Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Social Practice and Technology Competition Final was held in Wuhan University of Technology, Hubei Province. After a three-day competition, the team of Southwest Jiaotong University formed mainly by students from School of Mechanical Engineering won 1 first-class prize, which is the only first prize in Sichuan Province, and 13 third-class prizes, ranking first in the southwest and at the forefront of the whole country.


From August 25th to 26th, the 3rd National College Student Crane Innovation Competition was held in Taiyuan University of Science and Technology. The team of Southwest Jiaotong University mainly formed by School of Mechanical Engineering won 4 first-class prizes, 5 second-class prizes and 1 honorable mention, ranking first across the nation.

In recent years, School of Mechanical Engineering has made great efforts to advance students' scientific and technological innovation and therefore has greatly boost students' enthusiasm for scientific and technological innovation and enhanced students' abilities in scientific and technological innovation.

Make various policies to stimulate students’ enthusiasm for scientific and technological innovation

The school has developed a system for Management of Extracurricular Science and Technology Activities and implemented the Incentive System for Extracurricular Science and Technology Activities, which regard the involvement in the science and technology activities as an important factor in the nomination for fellowships and scholarships, Sishiyanghua medal, and “Three Good Student Models” award. The school has a team of professors to guide students' extracurricular scientific and technological innovation, and has established a reward and recognition system for those professors, which helps stimulate their enthusiasm to get involved. The school has also initiated a feedback mechanism which gives timely feedback to students in terms of their various problems encountered in real practices, including guidance, venues, funding, etc., and resolves these issues in no time. In order to better supervise students' innovation activities, the school has established a monthly report system, requiring every team to report the progress of its scientific and technological innovation activities every month. The science and technology award-winning team sharing system was established, that is, each team that won the national awards should conduct an experience sharing session for the whole school students to introduce their team's preparation process and experience.

Set up various professional teams to boost the education in science and technology innovation

In recent years, the school has been constantly emphasizing the establishment of a team of teacher particularly for science and technology innovation education, represented by Professor Luming Wu and Professor Zutao Zhang, and established a policy promotion and enforcement team formed by all the counselors. The school has set up a platform for the student science and technology team project to ensure that everyone who really wants to participate in the science and technology activities can find the team they want. Under the Youth League Committee of the College, the Academic Science and Technology Center, a full-service college student science and technology activity, is mainly responsible for the daily science and technology activities of students, sending and receiving documents, organizing academic science and innovation lectures, and providing peer guidance for science and technology activities. At the same time, the school actively expands resources inside and outside the school. In 2018, it will introduce social enterprises such as Geely Automobile and Esquel Textile to build a joint platform for student innovation activities, and establish a team of students for science and technology innovation outside the school to broaden their horizons and provide rich practice. guide.

Utilize various resources to boost the practices of scientific and technological innovation

In 2018, the school created the X5113 College Innovation Lab to provide students with science and technology to create processing and production sites to ensure the use of students' science and technology innovation venues. The school has created the X2202 Student Science and Technology Innovation Center and the X2208 Teacher Lounge to provide guidance and sharing places for students. In recent years, the school has purchased processing machines such as machine tools and electric drills, and assigned laboratory-related teachers to guide students in real-time operation so that students can conditionally implement them. In addition to the funds allocated by the school, the school allocates special funds from the student activities funds to provide financial support for students.

Create an innovation culture to boost the awareness in science and technology innovation

The school vigorously strengthens the construction of science and technology innovation culture for college students and displays the science and technology team and award-winning works in the publicity column and display area of the college to promote the understanding of science and technology activities. The establishment of the official student WeChat public number "Mechanical Jun" and the College Science and Technology Information Special WeChat public number "Kechuangbaitan" as the main position, the integration of the College Network, Yanghua Quality Network, the new youth quality network and many other platforms. The channel's science and technology promotion platform to create a science and technology network culture. The school organizes a series of science and technology lectures of “Kechuang Baitan”, which invites relevant experts to hold a total of 100 science and technology frontier lectures to broaden students' horizons and cultivate scientific and technological innovation capabilities. In the daily ideological and political education, the ideological and political workers of the school continuously explain the importance and necessity of participating in science and technology activities for students, and encourage students to participate in various related competitions. After a long period of hard work, we have formed a low-grade divergent thinking, broadened our horizons, participated in the middle-level training, accumulated experience and carried out comprehensive action in the upper grades.

College students' participation in scientific and technological innovation activities can not only create a strong atmosphere of innovation culture, but also stimulate students' interest in scientific research and innovation and enhance students' practical ability and innovative ability. It is an important way for young people to innovate education. The quality of talent training is of great significance. In the future, the school will continue to focus on the party's educational policies to improve the innovation ability of our students and even the whole university. Thus, it can also contribute to the mechanical power of the school's “double first-class” construction.

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