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President Fei Xu visits the School of Mechanical Engineering


On November 7th, Vice Party Committee Secretary and President of SWJTU Fei Xu and Vice President of SWJTU Zhongrong Zhou held a meeting with the leadership of School of Mechanical engineering to review the work of the school.

Linmao Qian, Chair of School of Mechanical Engineering, gave a report on behalf of the school's leadership at the meeting. Linmao Qian introduced the overall ideas and main tasks of the development of the school and talked in detail about the school's recent progress on the first-class discipline development, scientific research platform development, talents cultivation, undergraduate education, comprehensive reform, centenary celebration of school and other aspects, with plans and challenges for the next stage.

During the session, the participants conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the development of the scientific research platform, overall planning and organization of resources, internationalization, teaching, faculty and transformation towards intelligent management. Zhongrong Zhou was pleased with the united and energetic atmosphere displayed by the leadership of the School of Mechanical Engineering. Regarding the future development of the school, he said that it is necessary to focus on the cultivation of the distinguished teaching faculty who will be of great importance for the teaching of mechanical engineering basis and the research team development. It is necessary to attract and train young teachers. He also said that it is necessary to apply for major railway projects, and for research team to connect with industry. In terms of the preparations for the school’s centennial celebration, he pointed out that the focus should be on the human resources and liaisons and thanked everyone who are concerned about the school’s development. Zhongrong Zhou hoped that School of Mechanical Engineering will focus on the main tasks and do a good job towards the double first-class accreditation.  

At the end of the meeting, Fei Xu concluded his speech. Fei Xu said that the achievements of the School of Mechanical Engineering were remarkable. The achievements of the school come from the hard work of previous leadership and also the new leadership for the past four months. Fei Xu highly agreed with the statement "strong mechanical engineering, strong engineering; strong engineering, strong Southwest Jiaotong University". He pointed out that the school of Mechanical Engineering should have high sense of responsibility and mission. The development of the school of Mechanical Engineering plays a very important part in the development of the Southwest Jiaotong University. The development of our university cannot do without the help of the School of Mechanical Engineering.

For the development of the school, Fei Xu put forward three orientations. In terms of problem orientation, in addition to vertical comparison, the school should also make horizontal comparison so as to get to the bottom of its problems, realize the gap between the school and other mechanical programs in China, find the direction to go forward, further analyze the causes of problems encountered in the development and dig deep into the underlying causes of the problems. In terms of goal orientation, Fei Xu proposed that the college should be transformed from a teaching-oriented university into a research-oriented university as soon as possible, enter the a-series in the next round of discipline evaluation and actively apply for and pass the national awards. In terms of performance orientation, the school should take achievements, achievements and results as its target, subject as its foundation, performance as its leverage and reform as its driving force.

In terms of education and teaching and personnel training, Fei Xu emphasized the importance of teaching. The university should return to the education standard. The School of Mechanical Engineering should continue to do a good job in teaching. It is necessary to keep in mind that the fundamental mission of the university is to cultivate talents. The central work of the school is education and teaching, the teacher's first duty is to teach and educate students. In terms of scientific research, Fei Xu pointed out that education, teaching and research must complement each other. For the accreditation of double first-class, the school should clearly distinguish the direction of the discipline, optimize the structure of the discipline, highlight the key points of the discipline, innovate the organizational model of the team, engage in organized research, selectively pursue excellence and do something about it. In terms of the construction of major railway projects, the school should respond quickly, and on the basis of basic research, increase the cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes. In terms of the faculty, the school has to reduce talents, liberate its minds, and make greater efforts to make full use of the Qingmiao Plan and the Eagle Plan to tap and cultivate young faculty with great potential. In terms of rewards, Fei Xu emphasized that planning should focus on cultivation and attach great importance to the declaration of the three national awards. In terms of external cooperation, the school should coordinate with the State Key Laboratory of Traction Power, and cooperate with the School of Information, Mathematics, and Life school to form a joint force. In the preparations for the school’s 100th anniversary celebration, Fei Xu hoped that the school would enlarge the pattern of the hospital celebration, attract talents with the hospital celebration, invigorate the spirit, gather wisdom and create the future.

Finally, Fei Xu gave specific suggestions on the international evaluation of the school English website, school and disciplines, party building, etc. He hoped that the School of Mechanical Engineering would work hard together to create a motor vehicle model.

Dawei Dong,  Party Committee Secretary of School of Mechanical Engineering, said that the school team would actively follow the instructions of President Xu, carefully study and think about the opinions and demands put forward by the leaders, and guide the spirit of the school’s “fourteenth party congress”. The school has established the strategic goal of a comprehensive research-oriented university with distinctive transportation characteristics and the world's number one university in the field of rail transit. It is aimed at the national strategic needs of “Made in China 2025” and “Traffic Power” based on the needs of first-class discipline construction. With the "comprehensive reform" as the starting point, with first-class teachers, first-class platform, first-class scientific research, first-class achievements, first-class management to support first-class talent training, comprehensively create a learning, service-oriented, innovative first-class school.

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