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Party Committee Secretary Shunhong Wang visits the School of Mechanical Engineering


Shunhong Wang, Party Committee Secretary of SWJTU, led a team to visit the school of Mechanical Engineering on March 22nd. The meeting was held in the 2206 conference room at Jiuli Campus, attended by Zhongrong Zhou, Chair of School of Mechanical Engineering, and Feng Zhan, Party Committee Secretary of School of Mechanical Engineering, and other members of the party committee and leadership of the school. Other attendees include the Party and Administration Office, Organization Department, Publicity Department, United Front Work Department, the Strategy and Discipline Department, Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School, Office of Budget & Finance, Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, and Office of Asset and Laboratory Management, Office of Scientific Research and Development, Office of Human Resources and other offices.

Zhongrong Zhou said that secretary Wang’s visit to School of Mechanical Engineering served as the driving force and also the pressure to the school. Only by doing a good job does the school will not disappoint secretary Wang and live up to the expectations of all the faculty and students.

Linmao Qian, Deputy Chair of the School of Mechanical Engineering, gave a report on the development history and current situation, problem analysis, main countermeasures and development goals. Members of the school leadership, Qianren or Siqing talents, department heads raised many issues about the development of the school and offered many good suggestions. The heads of relevant offices and departments responded to those issues in detail.

Finally, Shunhong Wang made a concluding speech. He pointed out that our mechanical engineering program ranks top among all the mechanical engineering programs in the country, which was achieved through many difficulties and due to the hard work of the leadership and all the faculty of the school. In terms of the future development of the school, Shunhong Wang said.

First, the school should continue its hard work, achieve first-class work through first-class party building work, ideological and political work, and form a joint force to unite the entire school.  

Second, the school should take the opportunity of its 100th anniversary to seriously review the past and formulate the long-term development plans and goals of the school. At the same time, through the celebration of commemorative activities, efforts should be made to expand the influence of the school and do a good job in talent recruitment and fundraising, which can promote the development of mechanical disciplines.

Third, sum up the lessons and lessons learned in the fourth round of disciplinary assessment and teaching assessment, adhere to the problem-oriented, and improve the work. While raising the banner of the discipline of transportation engineering, the school should also coordinate the development of other disciplines and concentrate on helping the existing B+ disciplines to impact the first phalanx through discipline adjustment. At the same time, the School of Mechanical Engineering should also consider how the mechanical discipline should develop and work hard. It should be solved one by one according to the problems found in the subject evaluation and teaching evaluation, thus promoting the development of the school.

Fourth, the school and even the whole university must carry out the "silver hair project" and play the role of retired old teachers. At the same time, we also should strengthen the construction of full-time research teams. At present, the work of the school is far from enough, and we must mobilize everyone's enthusiasm. It is important to make good policies to promote this work.

Fifth, the university will actively support the School of Mechanical Engineering to apply for international research platforms. The university will help the school to apply for platforms at national or provincial levels.

In addition, Shunhong Wang also addressed the issues of supporting the school to apply for the national platform and the faculty to apply for Yangtze River Scholar and National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, strengthening international cooperation with the EU, and talents recruitment, joint cultivation of Doctoral students with foreign universities and the admission of the post-doctoral students, the relationship between the State Key Laboratory of Traction Power and the School of Mechanical Engineering and the strengthening of information communication, publicity and interpretation.

Regarding the focus of work that should be paid attention to in the long-term development of the school, Shunhong Wang pointed out that the first and foremost is talents recruitment. He proposed that the School of Mechanical Engineering and even the entire school should implement the strategy of strengthening the school of talents, put the work of talents recruitment in the most important position. It is necessary to establish a talent pool, and to be aware of the talents in this field in the world. It is necessary to hold a forum of young scholars in relevant disciplines so that young scholars can know Southwest Jiaotong University, grow familiar with Southwest Jiaotong University. Talent work must have relevant institutional measures of “inducing, cultivating, forcing, and staying”, and make relevant work solid. In the aspect of “education”, young teachers should be brought into the research door and brought to the door of the award. In the aspect of "forced", it is necessary to establish a corresponding appraisal system. There must be hard moves and practical measures. In the aspect of "retention", we must also try our best to give comprehensive protection to talents. With regard to discipline construction, we must identify the development direction and realize the all-round development from talents to achievements to platforms. Wang Shunhong demanded that the School of Mechanical Engineering must always pay attention to the horizontal comparison with brother universities and find out the trend of development.

Wang Shunhong also said: "We will attach importance of all schools’ disciplines and support them, but the school has a basic condition: Whoever is active will be supported by our university.  If the school is not active, how can we support it? If the school is not active, our university can’t help them. Shunhong Wang also said that the university would give any school a boost and encouragement if any school had the determination to tirelessly work its way up.  

Finally, on behalf of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Zhongrong Zhou said that he would follow the instructions of Secretary Wang and actively carry out related work, with the "double first-class" accreditation as the starting point, deepen the comprehensive reform of the school and accelerate the development of the school.



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