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The College of Mechanical Engineering has been actively involved in epidemic prevention and control


Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes. Since the COVID - 19 outbreak, the department of Mechanical Engineering rapid response to the epidemic prevention actively, the full implementation of the central and provincial party committee and the party's work deployment requirements, a number of initiatives and solid college work, completes the disease prevention and control, protect health and safety in the work between teachers and students the first place, the first time made the school of mechanical engineering will be coronavirus pneumonia infection prevention and control work plan.

First of all, to strengthen the organization and leadership, the implementation of prevention and control work responsibility. Second, we should establish a sound working mechanism and fully implement a two-line "daily report and zero report" system. Third, extensive publicity and mobilization, strict work discipline, effective implementation. Fourth, strengthen learning, pay close attention to implementation. Fifth, teaching and research on epidemic prevention and control should be carried out correctly. Sixth, the college quickly responds to the requirements of the school, pays attention to publicity, and earnestly guards the physical and mental health of students. Seventh, all the teachers and students will show love to support Wuhan in its fight against the epidemic.

In order to support the Huazhong university of science and technology, secretary of the party committee Dong Dawei and dean Qian Linmao on behalf of the Southwest Jiaotong University school of mechanical engineering, sent letters of consolation, sincere greetings and high respect. And support a number of disease resistant materials at the same time. The college's targeted support has been recognized and reported by the Sichuan Provincial government.

Faced with the severe situation of the development of the epidemic, teachers and students of the college have made their own contributions to wuhan's fight against the epidemic in the name of the Party branch, class and individual.A total of 48,850.6 yuan was donated to support the epidemic prevention and control work in Hubei.Many students also use their own way to cheer for the heroic city of Wuhan.Zhou Zemin, an excellent alumnus of the college, graduated from the school of Vehicle Engineering in 2013 and joined the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau (headquarters: Wuhan) after graduation. After the COVID-19 outbreak, he volunteered to be one of the first "young commandos" to participate in the construction of Vulcan Mountain Hospital. They gathered at the construction site of Vulcan Mountain Hospital at 7 am on New Year's Eve.

During the epidemic, many mechanical students joined in the fight against the epidemic, standing together with their mother hospital and donating materials for the mother hospital. Chengdu Tianyou Soft Technology Co., LTD, an alumnus enterprise, purchased a batch of masks overseas and donated a batch of masks to the college to support the teachers and students in fighting against the epidemic!Liu Jingming, on behalf of thermal Energy Class 1, Class 2008, donated 8,000 yuan worth of epidemic prevention materials in the name of Chengdu Wanwei Space-time Technology Co., Ltd. to help the Alma mater fight against the epidemic.The alumni of Class 3, Class 97 donated 5,000 disposable surgical masks to the Education Foundation of Southwest  Jiaotong University to support the school's epidemic prevention and control work. Ani, an Iraqi international student, and his friends went to many pharmacies in Iraq to collect a batch of masks. After several rounds of traveling, they successfully sent 15,000 masks to The frontline of epidemic prevention -- Wuhan, Hubei Province. They donated 1,000 masks to the International Department of the University and 700 masks to the School of Mechanical Engineering.

Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, we should thoroughly implement all measures and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, strengthen the ideological guidance, actively participate in the epidemic prevention battlefield, we fight "epidemic" will win!


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