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First Win of School’s Staff in the Second Faculty Staff Football Match


At 6 p.m. April 9th, the second staff football match of SWJTU took place at the northern stadium in a grand scale. Present guests included He Yun’an the deputy secretary of party committee, Zheng Jiang the vice chairman of labor union, president of faculty staff football association and so on. In this competition, our school’s football team played against that of industrial center.
  At 6 o’clock p.m., the opening ceremony began where the host delivered an ebullient speech. And then He Yun’an the deputy secretary of party committee addressed, who put safety on the first place and hoped everyone enjoyed the game. Zheng Jiang the vice chairman of the labor union spoke and wished the game to end well. The game started right after the representative of referees and that of athletes took a vow.
  The game kicked off after the whistle of the referee. Right then it began drizzling, which didn’t affect players’ speed at all. Players of two teams played physically and neither of them gained an obvious upper hand at first. Our team didn’t get into the zone and the opponent took frequent advantages of our mistakes, but thanks to the great efforts of our goalkeeper shots were stopped. Around five minutes later, our team got a freekick opportunity with which we almost scored. We played better and better, entering the box and creating multiple promising shots. Later, things got even better for us after some played of the other team was sent off because of several fouls.
  The match marched into the second half and both teams were still quite close to each other. Much offense of our team had been resolved for the obvious fact that the rival was quite good. Several rounds later, the ball went into the goal courtesy of a good shot of Liu Guangshuai, number 8 player of our team. 1 nil, which massively ignited the fire of our players and elevated our offense to a higher level. We scored again couples of minutes later. 2 nil!
The match ended in ecstasy of triumph. The sky was still hazy, but it was bring in our hearts.








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