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The Visit of Minister Ma Li and The Party of Freescale(China)co.,LTD


    On March 7th, 2014, Ma Li the minister of Chinese university planning department of Freescale semiconductor(China)limited company, Yi Shenghai the minister of Asian-Pacific marketing and management department and his party came to visit School and discussed on cooperation between two parties.
     Guests visited the traction power national key laboratory of SWJTU at 9:30 in the morning and then had a cooperation meeting at the conference room of School of Mechanical Engineering. Professor Zhou Zhongrong the assistant of president of SWJTU, the head of School of Mechanical Engineering and Changjiang Scholar special term professor and professor Hu Guangdi the “Thousand Talents” special term professor of SWJTU, head of automobile research institute of School of Mechanical Engineering, professor Dong Dawei executive vice president of School of Mechanical Engineering, director of thermal power and vehicle engineering department, professor Gao Hongli director of intelligent electromechanical technology research institute and professor Ding Weiping of School of Mechanical Engineering attended the meeting.
    At the meeting, professor Zhou Zhongrong introduced SWJTU’s School of Mechanical Engineering and the school’s automobile research institute. And minister Yi Shenghai of Freescale corporation introduced the corporation’s basic information. The two parties held talks over cooperative platform building and cooperation programs and reached a preliminary consensus.       



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