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Students Number from Southwest Jiaotong University Topped All in the 15th Sino-France 4+4 Program



The 15th Sino-France Program’s list has been announced, there are 15 outstanding students from Southwest Jiaotong  University have been chosen, this number ranked first in all Chinese Universities, all 15 students enrolled can apply for the Eiffel Scholarship.

The number of students from other universities that are selected in this program are: 11 from Tsinghua University, 4 from Shanghai Jiaotong University, 15 from Xi’an Jiaotong University, 5 from Beijing Jiaotong University and 5 from Zhejiang University.

In October 22nd, 23 excellent sophomores from Mao Yisheng Institute, Institute of Information Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Transportation and Logistics, Material Science and Engineering, Life Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanics and Engineering and Emei Campus of Southwest Jiaotong University took part in the interview organized by French University. These candidates are selected from 43 students recommended by all institutes, the 15 who are chosen finally will get access to Eiffel Scholarship or scholarship from China Scholarship Council. If students are failed to get both, the french universities will still excuse them from tuition fees but they still have to afford the living expenses.

The 15 students enrolled include 3 from Mao Yisheng Institute, 3 from Electrical Institute, 2 from Information Institute, 2 from Transportation and Logistic Institute, 1 from Physics Institute, 1 from Material Institute, 1 from Mechanic Institute, 1 from Emei Campus

In October 23th, the 15rh year ceremony of Sino-France 4+4 Program and Contract Renewal & Sino-France University Presidents Forum is held in our campus. 5 top universities of science and engineering took part in this ceremony. Trough taking with our students, laboratory visiting, French university presidents have got a deeper understanding of our International level of running the school and higher recognition of the overall quality of our students.

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