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Ford Asia Pacific President visited SWJTU



November 8, Mr. David Schoch, Ford Motor Cooperation Group Vice-President, President, Asia-Pacific Ms. Rose PENG visited Southwest Jiaotong University. Prof. CHEN Chunyang, SWJTU President and Prof. ZHANG Wengui, SWJTU Vice-President held talk with guests.

President Chen Chunyang welcomed Mr. Schoch’s visit, and briefed SWJTU’s basic information. President Chen appreciated Ford’s warm reception to SWJTU delegation when they visited in the United States in August. He further hoped the University could establish cooperation with Ford in terms of joint research and international education. President Chen also encouraged two sides to contribute more in improving Sino-US bilateral friendship.

Mr. David Schoch appreciated SWJTU warm reception and introduced information about Ford in history, culture and business direction.

Prof. ZHANG Wengui made a presentation on introducing SWJTU development status, education and research works, and future working plan.

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