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Substantial progress has been made in the cooperation between the College of Mechanical Engineering and Dresden University of Technology


From January 31 to February 7, 2020, the vice director Tang Yang and the director of the Leshan China-German Science and Technology Promotion Center Lu Tao are invited to give a second meeting in Germany.

During the week-long visit, the delegation held formal talks with the Dresden University of Technology (TUD), Silicon Saxony e.V., IFB Railway Technology Company, DPFA Education Group and other well-known scientific and educational institutions and enterprises. The talks are accompanied by Mr. Wang Zhaolin of Dresden University of Technology. The delegation also visited the University of Dusseldorf, the University of Frankfurt and the School of Automotive Engineering jointly established by the Volkswagen Group and the University of Applied Sciences in Austerfalia. Despite the impact of the pneumonia outbreak, substantial results have been achieved through the joint efforts of China and Germany.

On February 4, the delegation had a discussion with Frank Bosenberg, executive chairman of Saxony Silicon Valley Association. Mr. Chairman of the board introduced Saxony Silicon Valley Association, Tang Yang introduced Southwest Jiaotong University, Lu Tao introduced Leshan China-German Science and Technology Promotion Center. Saxony Silicon Valley is located at Dresden, its chip production in nearly half of Europe as a whole chip production. Machinery, electronics, information talents demand of the Saxony Silicon Valley is bigger. The association in silicon valley one of the main responsibility is to hundreds of association member companies in silicon valley technology talents. At last, the two sides reached a cooperation intention to send scientific and technological talents to Silicon Valley through the platform of Southwest Jiaotong University and Leshan Sino-German Science and Technology Promotion Center, and discussed a preliminary cooperation plan.


On 5 February, the delegation held a seminar with the Friedrich & Liszt School of Transportation and Transportation Sciences (THE School of Transportation) of the Dresden University of Technology (TUD). Prof. Dr. Krieg, Dean of The School of Transportation, and Prof. Dr. Stephan, Head of external Cooperation, attended the symposium on behalf of the School. Professor Stephan introduced Dresden University of Technology and school of Communications, while Tang Yang introduced Southwest Jiaotong University and School of Mechanics, and put forward suggestions on student exchange (short-term, medium and long-term), teacher exchange, cooperative education (major and school), and scientific research cooperation. Afterwards, the two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on the exchanges between teachers and students of the two schools and the joint running of the school, and made a preliminary discussion on the specific steps. They welcome students from Jiaotong University to study in TUD and say that they will enter the school in September this year. They also welcome students to have a short-term summer camp or study tour in TUD and hope that both sides can establish a long-term communication system and platform. Finally, Tang Yang delivered the invitation letter of Vice President Tian Huai-Wen to the School of Communications. Dean Krieg said this was one of the best projects of the Dresden University of Technology in recent years and, together with Professor Stephan, pledged to return to SWJTU after the pneumonia outbreak to advance the next step of cooperation.


On the afternoon of 5 February, the delegation held a video conference with IFB Railway Technology. IFB railway technology companies rely on Berlin university of technology and Dresden university of technology, committed to the development of frontier railway technology. Its technical and business scope covers the entire railway system, with Alstom, Siemens, Bombardier and other enterprises established a good partnership for many years, has represented Germany to participate in the Shanghai maglev project, TieErYuan railway electrification transformation project, the zhuzhou maglev project and other major domestic railway project. Dr. -ing. Sven Koner, the person in charge, expressed his willingness to cooperate with SWJU in the field of railway technology and personnel exchange, and promised to visit SWJTU after the pneumonia outbreak to discuss the next step of cooperation.

In addition, the delegation also met with Germany's IPASS education company and held a video conference with the director of international cooperation of Germany's DPFA Education Group. The three parties had an in-depth exchange of views on China-Germany engineering education and dual-system education cooperation, and reached cooperation intention.

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