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The first safety protective equipment of railway crossing project in China, which our institute participated in the research and development, was tested


The "KY-18 special safety protection equipment for Railway Crossing Project", developed and designed by Guangzhou Southwest Jiaotong University Research Institute Co., LTD, The School of Mechanical Engineering, the State Key Laboratory of Traction Power and the School of Economics and Management, and manufactured by Hunan Changzhong Machinery Co., LTD. Zhu Ben-Zhen, deputy chief engineer of China Railway Corporation Limited, Xia Li-Bin, deputy director of the equipment Department of Hunan Province, Wu Hong-Liang, Deputy director of Changsha City's Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Zhang Wen-Gui, former vice President of Southwest Jiaotong University, Tan Jian-Xin, director of the International Cooperation and Liaison Office, and other officials attended the ceremony.

The successful development of KY-18 safety protective equipment is another successful case of deep integration of industry, education, research and application. Since early 2016, uniting the Southwest Jiaotong University and Hunan Changzhong Machinery Co., LTD., the core of the research and development team was formed by the professors from school of mechanical engineering, college of management and traction power state key laboratory, and the engineers from Hunan Changzhong Machinery Co., LTD. This equipment is fully independent innovation. After three years of studying and overcome difficult, developed not only is the first in our country, is also one of the world the first railway across the engineering safety protective equipment, have done many invention and innovation in engineering applications. It is understood that the equipment had won the excellent Product award at the Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition in May 2019.

The project team leader, associate professor Huang Song-He, he introduces to the reporter, KY - 18 type equipment is full automatic control by steel structure across the secure operating system and high strength dinima strong fence insulation equipment. Two patents of invention and utility model patents has been applied with completely independent intellectual property rights, filled the domestic and foreign railway crossing engineering safety of special equipment blank.

Wei Zhongan, President of Guangzhou Southwest Jiaotong University Research Institute Co., LTD, said: "For a long time, the construction of high-voltage lines and highway Bridges across railway projects, their safety protection measures are carried out by means of scaffolding and protective sheds.In today's high-speed railway development, the construction method of spanning project is always in the most primitive stage, and the safety of workers has never been guaranteed.The institute of Southwest Jiaotong University in Guangzhou saw the great disadvantages of this construction method and came up with the idea of making this equipment."

"It took us three years to develop and manufacture this device," said Li Qian, general manager of the Research and management team at The Southwest Jiaotong University in Guangzhou. "Compared with existing protection methods, the KY-18 has three advantages of 'safety, reliability and efficiency'."

Professor Wu Xiangdong of the college, graduate team and outstanding alumni have all participated in the development of KY-18 equipment.






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