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College leaders visit student dormitories


In order to have a better understanding of freshmen's study and life on campus, Tian Huaiwen, deputy dean of the college and instructor of the class of Excellence 2019, visited the dormitory of the class of excellence 2019 students on the evening of December 18, 2019.


During the visit to the dormitory, dean Tian Huaiwen had an in-depth conversation with the students of the excellent class, answered the students' confusion in study, checked the students' advanced mathematics, English, drawing homework, etc., and took the care about the living conditions of the students who came to study in the school from other provinces.



Afterwards, dean Tian Huaiwen held a class meeting with the students of the excellent class in the college conference room on the second floor to introduce and arrange the recent course selection, final examination and other related matters in detail. Dean Tian Huanwen also reads to the students "Southwest Jiaotong University school of mechanical engineering excellence class class (MAO) shunt and co-opted mechanism”, encouraged the students to preparation, preparing for the first time at the university of the final exam, for yourself and parents hand in a satisfactory answer.


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