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The first meeting of the Academic Committee of Sichuan Key Laboratory of CRC Operation and Maintenance Technology and Equipment was held successfully


On December 18, 2019, the first academic committee meeting of Sichuan Key Laboratory of CRC Operation and Maintenance Technology and Equipment was held in Beijing, attended by 8 people including the academician Ding Han, director of the academic committee.


The meeting began with the appointment ceremony presided over by Professor Qian Linmao, director of the laboratory. First of all, Professor Qian Linmao announced the beginning of the ceremony and introduced the leaders and experts. Then, the leaders of The Scientific Research Institute of Southwest Jiaotong University made a speech and issued the appointment letter to the director and members of the academic committee of the laboratory.




Subsequently, academician Ding Han, director of academic committee, presided over the first meeting of academic committee. The lab director Qian Linmao made the "annual work report 2019 of Sichuan Key Laboratory of CRC Operation and Maintenance Technology and Equipment”. The committee discussed laboratory construction and development of related issues. The summary of the meeting is as follows:

(1) Since the establishment of the laboratory one year, fruitful results have been achieved. 119 articles have been published in domestic and foreign journals, among which 56 are indexed by SCI; 10 invention patents were authorized, and 33 applications were filed. It has carried out extensive academic exchanges at home and abroad, with 13 invited reports for important academic conferences and conferences. 57 new scientific research projects have been added, including 22 national projects, 6 provincial and ministerial projects, and 29 horizontal scientific research projects, with a total expenditure of 19,794,600 yuan. More than 10 postdoctoral, doctoral and overseas students have been trained, making significant contributions to the national and local economic construction of Sichuan province, and meeting the annual construction requirements of key laboratories of Sichuan Province.

(2) The academic committee reviewed and approved five open topics for 2019.

The academic Committee highly appraised the work and achievements of the key laboratory in the past year, and put forward relevant suggestions for the future work of the key laboratory:

(1) Strengthen the top-level design of the laboratory to find pain points in the rail transit industry.

(2) Interact with disciplines and support discipline construction.

(3) Strengthen the intelligent research of rail transit operation and maintenance technology, especially intelligent perception, robot and artificial intelligence.

At last, professor Qian Linmao, director of the laboratory, made a speech and the meeting came to a successful conclusion.


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