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Vice President Zhou Zhongrong went to the School of Mechanical Engineering for investigation


On the morning of December 3rd, Zhou Zhongrong, vice President of Southwest Jiaotong University, and his delegation went to the School of Mechanical Engineering for work investigation. All party and deparmtne leaders, heads of departments and professors of the school participated in the investigation meeting. Dong Dawei, secretary of the party committee of the college of mechanics presided over the meeting.

Qian Linmao, dean of the school of mechanics, on behalf of the leadership of the school, made work report. Qian Linmao reported on three aspects: the general idea and main tasks of the development of the college, the main work carried out in the near future, the next work plan and the challenges will be faced. Qian Linmao reported in detail the recent work of the college from six aspects, namely, the construction of first-class discipline, party construction, scientific research platform, talent work, comprehensive reform and the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the mechanical discipline. He indicated that in the next step, the college will comprehensively promote the construction of first-class disciplines, vigorously strengthen the work of talents, steadily advance the comprehensive reform, raise funds for running the school through multiple channels, comprehensively strengthen the training of talents, and actively build a service-oriented college.

During the meeting, vice President of the institute of mechanical Yan-Ping Yuan did graduate work report. Zhou Xianli, executive vice president of the graduate school, and Pang Lixin, deputy director of the discipline department, respectively responded to the questions raised by the school in the work report and had a full exchange and discussion with the professors present here.

After listening to the mechanical engineering school report and exchange of views at the meeting, Zhou zhongrong made a summary speech. He first affirmed the recent work of the school of mechanics and first-class discipline construction of the achievements, Zhou Zhongrong pointed out that the development of the school of mechanics engineering is stable and rising, in the introduction of talent and other aspects of certain achievements. In the future development of the college, the college should innovate ideas, stimulate vitality and strengthen comprehensive reform. In the construction of first-class disciplines, it is necessary to strengthen the overall leadership of the party committee of the college, enhance the decision-making power and leadership of "double first-class" construction, continue to do a good job in talent introduction, stimulate internal vitality through performance reform, do a good job in functional service and management service, and jointly contribute to the development of mechanical discipline.




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