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Professor Liu-Henke's visit to the School has brought China-Germany cooperation to a new level


From November 27 to December 28, the Sino-German Cooperation Working Group of the College invited Professor Liu-Henke from Germany to visit the school and held a series of substantive activities on Sino-German cooperation, which made new achievements.

On November 27, 2019, at 2pm in 2217 Academic Activity Center of Mechanical Museum, Professor Liu-Henke gave a lecture titled "Research Methods of German Professors and Communication Channels for Teachers and students to Study in Germany" to our teachers and students. It introduced in detail how German professors track the frontiers of science and technology development, seek research hotspots, build teams, and apply for projects.It also introduced in depth the cases of its in-depth combination of scientific research and teaching, such as the decomposition of doctoral thesis, master's thesis, undergraduate graduation thesis, term thesis, etc., so that more students can get scientific research training.She also introduced the channels for graduate students and teachers to visit, study, exchange and work in Germany. Her academic team welcomes teachers and students to Germany and is willing to provide all kinds of help. She can also recommend our teachers and students to professors of other universities.After that, the teachers and students went to Germany to do scientific research, visit and work, etc., and had a more in-depth consultation with Professor Liu-Henke. The whole lecture lasted two and a half hours.


On November 27, at 4:00 PM in room 2253 mechanical pavilion, Liu - Henke professor with the school each department head on each department to carry out the "4 + 2" master's project carried on the thorough communication study in Germany. All departments fully support this cooperative program and will provide various assistance to improve the enrollment rate and quality of students and effectively enhance the international influence of the College.The meeting was presided over by Tang Yang, deputy leader of sino-German Cooperation working group, and teacher Fan Zhiyong participated in the exchange.After the meeting, Professor Liu-Henke had an in-depth communication with Professor Tian Huaiwen, associate Dean of the School and leader of the Sino-German Cooperation Working group.President Tian thanked Professor Liu-Henke for his hard work over the years for the Sino-German cooperation of our college, and believed that with the joint efforts of both sides, the sino-German cooperation of our college would make greater progress, and the scientific research cooperation between the two sides would also make greater achievements.


On the morning of November 28, Professor Liu-Henke and Professor Ding Weiping's team had an in-depth exchange of views on hot issues in the field of automotive research and found cooperation points in many aspects. Both sides agreed to carry out a series of China-Germany scientific research cooperation in the future.

Later, Associate Professor Tang Yang organized Professor Liu-Henke to participate in the talks of relevant personnel such as Leshan Sino-German Science and Technology Promotion Center, Eu Project Innovation Center (Chengdu), Chengdu Office of German Federation of Industry and Commerce (AHK) and so on, with the help of various social forces, to promote sino-German cooperation in our institute.

This series of activities has been supported by the leadership of the college, comprehensive office, graduate office, student group and so on.

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