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Vehicle Engineering


Subject Overview
  The discipline has 20 professors, 12 associate professors, and recruit master's and doctoral students from all parts of the country. The academic leader, Professor Jin Dingchang, is one of the evaluation members of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee of mechanical engineering disciplines. Professor、Academician Zhai Wanming is a national young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution, and he is the winner of national outstanding youth science fund. Two major support units of this subject are rolling stock research institute and institute of trains and rail lines. Traction Power National Laboratory is the main support of the discipline. Now there are an innovative team of Ministry of Education and a national innovation group in the laboratory.
The main research directions
1. Vehicle operation large system dynamics
2. Design and theory of the rolling stock
3. Structure and the strength of the rolling stock
4. Active control of the rolling stock
5. Vehicle aerodynamics and environmental engineering

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