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Heating/Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering


1.Subject Overview
    The discipline cultivates senior professional and technical personnel of the building environmental control and equipment engineering. In addition to research general industrial and civil heating, gas, ventilation and air conditioning engineering problems, the discipline has long been engaged in the basic and applied research projects of the environmental control of subway tunnel, vehicle air conditioning, and air conditioning of tall buildings, combining with the advantages of other majors in the field of transportation, and achieved outstanding results. The teacher’s team of this discipline is strong. Now there are 8 tutors, including 6 professors, 2 associate professors. The major is equipped with institute of building environment and equipment engineering, HVAC and HVAC laboratory. The major finished a lot of important research projects,  including the national 863 plan project, natural science fund, the national key scientific research project, and so on.

2. The main research directions

   This discipline consists of four research directions, which are all important research fields in this area.

1. Ventilation Technology
2. HVAC energy-saving technology
3. Indoor Environmental Quality Control
4. HVAC Automation

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