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Machinery and Electronics Engineering



Subject Overview

Machinery and Electronics Engineering is a comprehensive discipline fused with mechanics, electronics, information technology, computer technology, control technology, etc. Its main research object is the electromechanical integration system, which includes actuator, controller, test equipment, power plant and transmission device. Based on modern control theory, modern testing technology, fault diagnosis technology and microcomputer technology, this major focus on the study of detection, diagnosis, control and simulation in mechatronics system design, manufacturing and application. New theories, technologies, systems and products fused with machinery and electronics, computer electronics, computer and control technology have been widely used in various national economy fields and productions of mechatronics equipments. They promote the development of science and technology, and have achieved outstanding results.

The Main Research Direction

1. Mechanical and Electrical and Liquid Integration System Control and CAD

2. Mechanical and Electrical System Security Protection Technology

3. Virtual Reality Realistic Modeling and Visualization

4. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering CAD/CAE/CAM

5. Mechanical and Electrical Intelligent Control

6. Digital Logistics and Intelligent Technology

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