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Mechanical Design and Theory



Subject Overview

    There are 15 professors in this discipline, ??and the laboratory area is 2000 square meters. Its instruments and equipment worth more than 8 million Yuan, which mainly includes confocal microscopy by OLYMPVS in Japan, fretting friction tester by DELTALAB in France; Nanometer scratches by C-M in Swiss, etc. These equipments can provide external research abilities of friction and wear performance testing and tribology, modern design theory and methods of mechanical systems, modern logistics technology and equipment and technical training, science and design automation research and other aspects of project services. Our team has undertaken a total of 68 scientific research projects in nearly recent two years, including 7 National Natural Science fund item, 22 provincial projects, and the funds amount to 8.9 million Yuan. They won more than 20 scientific research awards above provincial level; published more than 50 papers, in which more than 30 are explored by SCI.

The main research directions
1. Tribology
2. Modern design theory and methods of Mechanical systems
3. Modern Logistics Technology and Equipment
4. Institutional learning and design automation

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