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Urban Rail Transportation Technology and Equipment


Subject Overview
    The major of  Urban rail transit technology and equipment is established to adapt to the rapid development of urban rail transit and train senior professionals required for urban rail transit development process in planning, designing, construction, operation, management and other aspects. It has doctor and master degrees granted, and has an advantage of interdisciplinary. The rail transit area in our school enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. The interdisciplinary of mechanical engineering, transportation, civil engineering, electrical engineering and other disciplines, covers many areas of the urban rail transit system, such as vehicles and equipment, transportation planning and management, engineering design and construction, electric traction and automation, and so on. This advantage will be conducive to promote the research and development of urban rail transit in our country.

The main research directions
This subject has the following four main research directions:
1. Design and theory of urban rail transit vehicles
2. Urban rail transit vehicles drive, control and detection technology
3. Urban rail transit automatic train control system
4. Urban rail transit vehicle structure, strength and reliability


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