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Instrument Science and Technology



Subject Overview

Measuring technology is an important basic technology in modern information society. It focuses on the study of the theory and method of signal acquisition in industry and other fields. Measuring technology is mainly used in scientific research, mechanical and electrical integration products, production process monitoring, product quality inspection, etc. This discipline involves optics, machine, electronics, controlling, etc. With non-electricity as the main, its research direction includes testing, controlling, software and hardware. This major has a strong teacher’s team. There are 13 tutors (3 professors, 10 associate professors) and the discipline owns the institute of measurement and control technology and instrumentation. Now a number of research subjects are being carried out.

The main research directions

The master unit consists of four research directions, which are the important research fields in instrument and instrument disciplines.

1. Automatic measurement and control technology

2. Advanced signal processing and sensor technology

3. Intelligent condition monitoring and fault diagnosis

4. Precision measurement and control with the system

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