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Power Machinery and Engineering



Subject Overview

The discipline has a strong teacher’s team and has cultivated a large number of high-level talents in the area of mechanical engineering. It has 3 professors, 4 associate professors (one is a doctoral supervisor). The laboratory covers 1200 m2, and owns 5 internal combustion engine elastic foundation test beds, 3 component test beds. It is equipped with advanced combustion performance analysis and recording device, DELTA automobile exhaust gas analyzer, high precision vibration and noise analysis instrument. Internal combustion engine bench experiments and some special tests can be performed. Besides, with advanced analysis software, fluid dynamics analysis, internal combustion engine strength and thermal strength calculation, analysis of complex shaft torsional vibration, internal combustion engine performance and dynamic analysis can be processed.

The main research directions

1. Research on combustion and emissions performance

2. The combustion intensity and reliability of research

3. Performance and its environmental impact study

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