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Energy and power engineering



【Objective of training】

Superior comprehensive talents were needed in the training plan, who have solid basic knowledge, a broad range of knowledge, professional knowledge, excellent quality and creativity. The  major is the characteristic brand majors of Sichuan province, the graduates grasped the theory and technology base of Energy conversion and effective use well, at the same time, they have basic capacity of the design, manufacture, management, research, development and improvement for the Power machinery (mainly for Heat engine)

【Orientation of career】

The graduates could work in the national economy departments to engage in the designing, manufacturing, management, development of the power machinery and engineering, the quality of the cultivation were spoken highly by their employers. It is indicated by the statistics that the demands for the graduates of this major were beyond the number of the graduates. The employment rate reach 100%. About 30% graduates could get further education of the postgraduates by the postgraduate entrance examination or being exempted. This major has a master degree awarded.

【Lengths of schooling】 4 years.

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