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Building environment and energy application engineering



【Objective of training】

Superior engineering and technological talents and management personnel were expected in the training plan, who will engage in the field of building environmental control, building energy efficiency and building facilities intelligence technology and could be capable of design, construction, commissioning, operation, management for the building public facilities(such as air conditioning, heating, ventilation, building water supply and drainage, gas supply system e.c.t.) heat supply system and the building energy conservation, and the establishment of  building automation system solutions. The major is the characteristic brand majors of Sichuan province.

【Orientation of career】

The graduates could work at the related institution, such as architectural design research and planning management department, engineering and construction companies, equipment manufacturing enterprises, operating engage in planning & design for the aspects that are heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling and heat sources, purification, gas,e.c.t, research & development, manufacturing, construction installation, operation management and system security technology and the management. They have considerable choices in the employment and great job prospects recently. The rate of the employment reached 100% in the past year. Every year about 30% graduates could get further education of the postgraduates by the postgraduate entrance examination or being exempted. This major has a master, doctor degree awarded.

【Lengths of schooling】 4 years.

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