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Control Technology and Instrumentation



【Objective of training】

The control technology and instrument is the source of information science, a subject which studies information acquiring, information processing and information transmission and application and an advanced technology that is built on the electronic technique, control engineering, optical engineering and mechanical engineering. This major trains high-end talents of complex engineering and technology who specialize in such fields as automatic measure technique, computer instrument system design, automatic control, quality inspection and quality management.

【Orientation of career】

Students are employed by major state-owned companies, 三资企业(foreign-funded enterprises?), government agencies and public institutions. Jobs include orientations of technique, management and administration that work on the development and exploitation of electronic products, testing and control of automation, computer application, integration of opto-elctro-mechanical-calculating-control in institutions like electronic research station, electronics limited company, automation research station, evaluation center, instrument and apparatus company, engineering physics institute, spaceflight department and satellite detection center. In recent years, a 100% percentage of graduates of this major have been employed and nearly 30% percentage of them have been admitted for the postgraduate school with or without the examination. This major confers the degree of master.

【Lengths of schooling】Four years

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