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Industry Engineering



【Objective of training】

The talents who have foundation of excellent engineering technology and computer technology, who know modern management science and systematic scientific method well, who are skill at application of industry engineering knowledge, who can project /design/evaluate/create the manufacturing system of enterprise, who can increase the benefit of enterprise, who can not only master the technology but also develop in an all-around way, who have the outstanding ability of  creation and practice, who have good personality, who can be versatile and high-ranking, are cultivated in industry engineering major.

【Orientation of career】

Students are employed by major state-owned companies, 三资企业(foreign-funded enterprises?), government agencies and public institutions. Jobs include orientations of technique, management and administration that work on the development and exploitation of engineering technology/quality management/production dispatch and control/human factors engineering/managing information system/logistics engineering(system optimization/facility planning),etc. The graduate students have good competitive in job hunting, and a 100% percentage of graduates of this major have been employed and nearly 30% percentage of them have been admitted for the postgraduate school with or without the examination.

【Lengths of schooling】Four years

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